Join Auntie Beachress, “Uncle Mark White Ruffalo,” and Shailene Woodley:

PLEDGE to #StandNVote and bring Native power to the polls on Tuesday, November 6!

Get information about your polling place, when to vote, and info on your ballot you take the pledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I live in North Dakota, and my Tribal ID doesn't have a street address. What should I do?

You can get a new Tribal ID with a street address provided by your Tribe at your Tribal Enrollment Office. North Dakota tribes are offering a form of free ID’s including Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, Spirit Lake Nation and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Three Affiliated Tribes are offering free ID’s to people who currently have P.O. Boxes.

Contact your enrollment or BIA office for more information.

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa 1-701-477-6141
Spirit Lake 1-701-766-1219
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 1-701-854-8500
Three Affiliated Tribes 1-701-627-4738

Why should I vote? I don't care about politics.

If you care about your life and the lives of the next seven generations, then you should care about politics. Many parts of our lives and all our relations are governed by those elected officials who make decisions on our behalf. Voting is the way you decide who you want to govern and every vote counts. Take the pledge to Stand-N-Vote and we will follow up with you so you know where you will vote and the requirements in your state to vote.

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Why are Native votes powerful?

Native votes are powerful because it gives us the chance to represent our people and our values. The Native population in many states is significant and we have the opportunity to stand for our people when we Stand-N-Vote.

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